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Computer running slowly? You may be infected with a virus or a trojan. This can happen even with the latest software protection, as the main goal of those people who write malicious code is to be able to beat the latest updates from the big antivirus sites. Occasionally they succeed, and for a day or two your machine can be infected before the prevention is ready with most anti-virus software. Once you get infected, your ability to remove the virus or trojan is usually lost - the virus or trojan knows you want to kill it, and it is in memory preventing that from happening.
For the best protection against virus infections and other harmful malware on the web, we recommend McAfee products for standalone computers running a dual-core or higher processor with at least 2 GB of RAM. We can help organizations protect their networks using a wide range of enterprise-level tools from McAfee that are designed to seamlessly integrate with larger corporate network installations. We also offer Trend Micro Worry-Free Security Suites for Small Businesses as an alternative to McAfee, especially for users with less robust hardware.
Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you find the right level of protection for your home business.

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McAfee also offers a full line of security software and hardware for business and institutional protection, featuring cutting edge protection against every form of attack. TQF.US Computer Services is an authorized McAfee Security Alliance Partner and we can help you implement a custom network security system that will protect your assets from threats. Call us today for an evaluation of your system and a security analysis to find out where you may be vulnerable.
With the widespread acceptance of smart phones and tablets in business, doors are being opened to allow access to corporate databases and email without much thought as to the potential for unauthorized access through these channels. McAfee offers software that can protect individual end points and stop threats before they can become liabilities. Learn more about the many ways McAfee can protect you from hackers, malware, infections and other online threats by calling TQF.US Computer Services today. (207)660-5625. Serving Central Maine since 1992 and now offering statewide commercial IT services in Maine.
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