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Should You Use a Vanity URL for Sub-domains?
by Norman Dickinson, January 29, 2012

Search Engine Optimization relies on a wide variety of tactics to make a particular Web page attractive to the search engines and improve page ranking. The result of properly implemented SEO is a web page that shows up higher in the list of results for relevant keywords, thus driving increased traffic to the page. Using a vanity URL for a sub-domain can increase the relevance of a website in search engine algorithms if the URL is closely tied to site content.

One Page, One Theme

Perhaps the most important aspect of website design is to keep a narrow focus on one theme within a particular website and especially on each page within the site. The most successful websites are developed around a single topic or theme, or in some cases, a brand or product, and they have URL names that clearly indicate the subject and are easily remembered.


Much like real estate, location plays a vital role on the Web. The Web address can take on many forms, from raw IP numbers to long and complicated strings of random characters. A clear domain name and sub-domain naming convention provides a great location for the website and improves visibility and search engine recognition, thus increasing traffic.

Subdomains Narrow Focus

A top level domain name can contain an almost unlimited number of pages of information that is typically related to the URL. Narrow down the focus by creating a separate sub-domain for smaller and more closely related groups of Web pages. Use easy-to-remember names that make sense in order to help visitors remember the sub-domain name and easily find the site again without resorting to the search engines.

Choose Your URL Carefully

Branding is an important concept in website design and it starts with the top level domain name. Create sub-domains with keyword-laden vanity names that relate directly to the topic of the particular pages that visitors will find in those sub-domains for the best results.

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