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Network security is the fastest growing concern in today's business environment, but one that is overlooked in a surprising number of cases. Many people in charge of a small or medium sized network assume that the security aspects of running the network all take place in the router setup or the software firewall that comes with the operating system.  Don't make the mistake of thinking that your network is protected simply because it was when it got set up.
Global threats from virus infections, malware and cyber attacks are occurring more than ever, and they have become much more sophisticated in recent years. They are also more lucrative for the attackers than ever before. With business networks increasingly going mobile, offering Wi-Fi connections and allowing access from smart phones and home computers, there are more points of entry than there ever were just a few years ago. How do you make sure that all of those connections are secure?
McAfee is a global leader in network security and they offer a wide range of network and standalone products for every need. Whether you have a single computer and need a solid anti-virus program, or you have a data center with hundreds of servers and thousands of virtual servers, there is a solution designed to protect your IT infrastructure from every angle.
TQF.US Computer Services is an authorized McAfee Partner and together we can guide you through the maze of threats and develop a solution that is rock solid and within your budget. Don't take chances with your business security - the risk is just too great. We can work with you to develop a custom solution from McAfee, an Intel company.
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