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How to Install Windows XP on an HP Pavilion DV9700 CTO Notebook
March 18, 2011
The HP Pavilion DV9700 CTO comes with Microsoft Windows Vista installed, and the HP website only offers replacement recovery media for the Windows Vista operating system. Windows XP can be installed onto the DV9700 from a Windows XP Full Version installation disc by first formatting the hard drive and then installing XP with a valid key code. The Pavilion DV9700 CTO meets the hardware requirements for the operating system, and some drivers are available to support XP directly from the HP website.
Step 1:
Perform a complete backup of the HP Pavilion DV9700 CTO prior to beginning the installation of Windows XP. Click "Start," "Control Panel" and "Back Up Your Computer" from the "System and Security" option group. Follow the prompts to create a full system backup.
Step 2:
Insert the Microsoft Windows XP Full Version installation disc into the optical drive. Cancel any operating system prompts or auto-run prompts that appear. Exit any setup program that appears. Restart the computer by clicking "Start" and choosing "Restart" from the shutdown menu.
Step 3:
Press the space bar when prompted to boot from the CD/DVD drive and allow the Windows XP operating system installation program to proceed by clicking "Install Now."
Step 4:
Delete all existing partitions on the primary hard drive when given the choice of where to install the operating system. Select the unallocated space to install the operating system onto the DV9700.
Step 5:
Follow the prompts and select the time zone and language settings, and choose a username and password. Restart the computer when prompted at the end of the installation.
Step 6:
Download and install the driver for the network adapter from the HP support website (see Resources). If necessary, download the file from a working computer that has Internet access onto a USB flash drive or other storage device and transfer it to the HP Pavilion DV9700 CTO. Double-click on the file to run the automatic installation routine. This driver file allows network communications to function and should allow the DV9700 to connect to the Internet to download other drivers.
Step 7:
Launch a Web browser on the HP Pavilion DV9700 CTO notebook and navigate to the HP support website (see Resources) and download and install additional drivers as needed. Click "Start," "Control Panel" and "Device Manager" to list the hardware devices. Look for any devices that are marked with a question mark or exclamation point and double click double-click on them to reinstall the drivers (See Resources). drivers.
Step 8:
Click "Start" and "Windows Update," or launch a Web browser and navigate to the Windows Update website to begin the process of updating Microsoft Windows XP with security patches and system updates as well as drivers and utilities. Restart the computer and run the Windows Update again until no more updates are available. This may take several tries to get all available updates as some require prerequisite updates to be installed and others need to be installed by themselves.
Step 9:
Install additional application or entertainment software as desired.
Download drivers onto an external USB flash drive or burn them onto a blank optical disc prior to starting the installation if no other computer is available to download drivers.
Installed applications and utilities that came with the computer, such as anti-virus programs and bundled system software that do not come with the Windows XP operating system, will not be available after the installation. The installation of an operating system will erase all data and settings on the computer. Make sure to back up your computer prior to performing this procedure.
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