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Get Your A+ Certification and Start Making Money as a Technician
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Start training for a rewarding career as a computer technician by obtaining the education you need to sit for the CompTIA A+ Certification today.

The demand for qualified computer technicians is on the rise and there is only one standard that is recognized universally in the industry, the CompTIA A+ certification. Now is the time to get started on that dream career in computer repair, because when the economy is slow people tend to keep repairing their equipment instead of replacing it.


The CompTIA A+ certification process begins with a complete review of the basic components that make a computer work, including the hardware, firmware, and software. Each of these areas is further examined in great detail in order to prepare students for the two tests required for certification.


Computer Skills Needed

The skills necessary to become certified include a wide range of subjects relating to the use and maintenance of computers. The subjects range from how power supplies work to installing software and connecting to networks. Troubleshooting and security are covered in detail and a variety of technical issues are also given plenty of attention.


While it isn't necessary to take a formal training course for the exam, it may be a good idea for most candidates to study in a rigorous learning environment in order to fully prepare for the array of questions. There is a lot of material covered in the tests, which have 100 questions and are timed at 90 minutes each.


A passing grade for the CompTIA A+ Essentials exam is a minimum of a 675 score on a scale of 100 - 900, and the passing grades for the CompTIA Practical Application exam is 700 on the same scale. It is highly recommended that students approach each test with a great deal of preparation and take some sample tests ahead of time if possible.


A good resource for beginners is an article by Heather Wallace titled Pass the A+ Exam on the First Try. It outlines some great methods to get the most out of studying for the tests and passing on the first attempt. Test information and scheduling for the A+ certification exam, as well as several other popular exams, can be found at the CompTIA site.


Two certification tests

The A+ Essentials exam covers the technical side of the industry and will have questions that deal with specifications and standards, protocols and compatibility, etc. The second test, A+ Practical Applications, covers scenarios that may arise in everyday situations related to the technician's typical role in the field.


Passing these two tests will be challenging for the new technician in training as well as a seasoned professional who has not been previously certified. It is practically impossible to get a passing score on both tests based strictly upon practical field experience unless specific preparation is made prior to sitting for examination. These are not easy tests and they will challenge the seasoned professionals as well as the new students.


Why Get A+ Certified?

A+ certification is the new entry level for the computer technician and anyone who wants to call themselves a professional is going to be judged against this standard. Businesses and government organizations are demanding certification as a way to ensure quality work on their equipment, and many are mandated to do so by policy.


The A+ certification standard is also the first step toward getting other industry standard certifications such as the CompTIA’s Network+ or Linux+ designations, and is required for a variety of other certifications such as Microsoft MCSE or Cisco CCSE certifications.


Taking the time to get certified now will set the pace for future certifications. It also lets potential clients know that there is a professional available to handle their needs, setting up a conduit for long term customer satisfaction and continuing education, a winning combination.

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