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Dell Tech Two:
Demystifying virtualization

We know you’re always looking for ways to save time, money, and energy. Who isn’t? That’s why we think you’re going to want to know about virtualization. And it’s also why we’ve joined forces with Dell to bring you the Dell Tech Two Videos.

Everything you need to know about virtualization

These eight simple videos explain what virtualization is, how it works and how it could help you do more with less. Each two-minute video covers a unique challenge facing organizations like yours. No jargon. No baffling tech-speak.

If you haven’t got time to watch all eight, we think you’ll be especially interested in Improved backup, lowered risk as it’s particularly relevant to
your business.

Making virtualization work for you

And when it comes to delivering virtualization? Well, we can help you there too. Dell’s PowerEdge® servers are the perfect solution, because they work seamlessly with Microsoft® and Intel® to deliver a safer and more efficient
virtualized environment.

That’s it. Check out the videos and see for yourself how virtualization could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Efficiency, security, and cost of ownership are three of the biggest ITchallenges of small and medium businesses in Maine. You need to keep up with the competition while staying within budget.

Downtime and data loss due to hardware failure can be business killers. Security breaches can hit the evening news the same day they are detected, with devastating effects on the business.

 Computer Services has been helping Maine businesses compete since 1992. Give us a call at 207-660-5625 today to find out how we can help you protect your data and streamline your IT operations.

The Dell Tech Two videos

Improving the performance of critical applications

Increasing efficiency using virtualization

Lowering costs from day one

Improved availability, faster recovery times

Virtualization isn’t just for the big guys

Boosting performance and productivity in SMBs

Protecting and securing the smaller business

Improved backup, lowered risk

Together we're stronger

TQF.US offers IT services to a select group of small and medium businesses in Maine. Call the owner,Norm Dickinson, at 207-660-5625 to set up an interview. We can help you focus more on running your business while we keep your computers running smooth for you. We offer a full range of sales and services with a focus on Maine businesses.

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Norm is a 30-year veteran of the IT world and genuine computer guru, offering local businesses a single point of contact for all of their computer-related needs.  TQF.US is Dell Partner Direct authorized and offers professional sales, support and installation of products from Dell, Microsoft, Intel and other top brands.
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