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Speed Clinic - Is Your Computer Running Slow?
Bring your system in or have us come by your home or office to bring your computer back up to speed. We can solve a variety of issues that affect the speed of your system from virus infections to pop-ups, malware and unwanted software. Don't throw away your existing system because it's running slow - speed it back up with a quick fix from the experts at TQF.US.
Got a Microsoft-based computer that crashed, but your precious information is still inside? We can help recover that data and get you running again. Our data recovery services range from simple file copy to extensive lab work in clean rooms. No matter what happened to your data, we can get it back if anyone can, and our rates start at just $75 plus shipping for consumer drives. We can put your lost files onto DVD, copy your entire drive to a new hard drive, or provide you with other alternative formats to suit your needs. Email us for a prompt quote, or to arrange shipment.
Call Norm at 207-643-2004 or 207-660-5625 today!
To solve your own problems using the latest free tools, check out the ErrorFix and RegTool products. These amazing tools can solve a lot of issues for free!      


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Member of the Androscoggin County
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TQF.US Computer Services owner Norm Dickinson
is on the Board of Directors for the
Norm is a 30-year veteran of the IT world and genuine computer guru, offering local businesses a single point of contact for all of their computer-related needs.  TQF.US is Dell Partner Direct authorized and offers professional sales, support and installation of products from Dell, Microsoft, Intel and other top brands.
TQF.US Computer Services BBB Business Review  
This website can be found at both http://www.tqf.us and http://www.fastfastcomputer.com.