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Computer Professionals Qualify for Microsoft Action Pack Software
Originally Published on Suite101.com 

Microsoft offers its partners huge discounts on operating systems, servers, and application software with the Action Pack Subscription. You may qualify.

Microsoft Corporation offers computer professionals a variety of resources to help them better understand the products they use and sell. The Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider is one tool that helps qualified users and businesses develop the hands-on experience that they can only get by using the latest software every day.


The Action Pack contains a complete set of server, operating system, and productivity application software for internal use by members in their own organization. The software is fully operational and nearly all of the programs are licensed for ten users. The only restriction is that the software cannot be sold or distributed.


Internal Use

The subscription is for any business that is engaged in building, servicing, or selling products that contain a Microsoft software program. This includes system builders, technicians, OEMs, software distributors, developers that write software for the Microsoft platform, and consultants. There is a short qualifying quiz that can be taken online to determine eligibility.


The cost for the annual subscription is about $300 for download-only media access, and about 0 for physical media shipments. Any single item from the list would cost well in excess of this token fee for ten user licenses, making this one of the best values in software available today.


Increase Sales

Microsoft realizes that if the people who are selling and supporting their software are using it in their own business every day that they will not only become more proficient with it, but will begin to see more value in the software. This will cause them to sell more of it and become better at supporting it.


The current list of software titles available at the time of this writing includes all of the following, and new software automatically becomes available as it is released:


•Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

•Microsoft Project Professional 2010

•Microsoft Business Contact Manager 2010

•Microsoft Visio Professional 2010

•Microsoft MapPoint 2009 North America

•Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Standard Edition

•Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Enterprise Edition CALs

•Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Standard Edition CALs

•Windows 7 Professional

•Windows 7 Ultimate (single license)

•Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

•Windows Web Server 2008 R2

•Windows Home Server 2008

•Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 Standard

•Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Standard Edition

•Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Standard Edition (per processor)

•Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

•Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (x86, x64)

•Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 - Server ML Enterprise

•Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 - Client ML

•Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010

•Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010 server ML Enterprise

•Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010 client ML

•Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Workgroup Server

•TechNet for Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider

Each of these is full version and for internal use, meaning that the servers can function as the primary servers for the member organization, the application software can be used for daily business functions, and the other products can be utilized by the organization as it sees fit. The only real restriction is that the software not be redistributed to anyone outside of the organization.


With this approach, Microsoft ensures end users that the people selling them software are familiar with the installation, use, and configuration of the software and that they have some experience in solving problems that normally crop up during installation and daily use.


There are other optional programs available including one that is tailored to application developers. This particular program is geared toward smaller organizations that sell and service Microsoft products and the hardware they run on.


Take a few minutes to investigate the Microsoft Action Pack Solution Provider and find out if your organization meets the requirements to become a subscriber. It is a great learning tool and one of the best values in software available in the market today. While you are there, find out what else Microsoft has available to help your business succeed.

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